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We Can Provide You With Complete Dentures in Vancouver

If you’ve lost all your teeth, Svetlana Lopareva Denture Clinic can provide you with complete dentures in Vancouver so that you can feel confident in your smile again. We aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment for you so you can feel comfortable in our office. 


When you first visit us for complete dentures, you will be fitted with temporary dentures that will be left in while your gums heal so you don’t have to be without teeth for that time. We also provide you with immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are made in advance and are fitted as soon as your natural teeth are removed. After 8-12 weeks, your mouth should be sufficiently healed and that’s when we’ll fit you with more permanent dentures. We also do co-ordination for oral surgery, referring you out to specialists when necessary. 


If you are in need of dentures, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call. We always look forward to hearing from you.


Unique Dentures for Everyone

We provide dentures for anyone who needs them, from athletes to seniors.

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