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Try the New Thing: Lower Suction Dentures in Vancouver

Is your lower denture floating in your mouth? Would you like the perfect fit? Try BPS Lower Suction Denture today and see the difference. Svetlana Lopareva Denture Clinic offers BPS dentures in Vancouver. 

The Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS), using Ivocap Injection Acrylic, is part of BPS system used in fabricating dentures that are extremely friendly to your gum, will not chip if dropped, are extremely resistant to fracture, and will not stain. They have no porosity and, as a result, do not accumulate debris and odour, distort the taste of food, or irritate your gums.

If you want to give BPS dentures a try, just give our office a call and set up a consultation.


Unique Dentures for Everyone

We provide dentures for anyone who needs them, from athletes to seniors.

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